7 All-Time Best Ways to Get People to Read Your Blog Post

James J. Davis
5 min readNov 16, 2021

The best way to get people to read your blog post is by using a catchy headline. “Give me an example” you might say. Well, let’s take the article I’m writing right now as an example.

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This introduction paragraph is designed specifically for this purpose, and it will be followed by 7 more paragraphs that will each give one of the all-time best ways to get people to read your blog post.

The second best way is by keeping it short, which means only include the most important points in your article or blog post instead of including every detail.

The third best way is being specific about what you are trying to convey — if you want readers to understand exactly what you are talking about then provide clarification on details so they don’t have to guess what you are trying to say.

The fourth best way is by including links in your blog post or article so people can find out more information. If they want the source of the data, they can click on a link to see where it came from.

The fifth best way is telling a story — if you give them something relatable, chances are they’ll read more of your content.

The sixth best way is by providing value for your readers; this can be accomplished through adding images and videos that will capture their attention (without overwhelming them) as well as using graphs and other infographics that make reading your blog post easier on the eyes. And lastly, the seventh all-time best way to get people to read your blog post is by making it easy for readers to share your article with others. Make sure to use social media and include a catchy headline and short description — this will make sharing much easier.

Now you know all of the best ways, so go out there and get those articles read!

1. Use a catchy headline

We’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. However, this doesn’t really apply to blogs. You can use words like, “How-to”, “Top 10 Lists” (The Most Popular Social Media Sites of 2016) and even puns (How Not To Use A Fork And Knife). If you want people to read your post, then try giving it an interesting title that will make them stop scrolling for just 3 seconds to…