As part of an event called Digital Content NewFronts, the social network Twitter officially announced a fairly long list of deals with companies to provide live video content, music, images and more, which immediately drew a lot of attention.

One of Twitter’s most notable partnerships, however, is a deal that will eventually lead to a Billboard chart of sorts based on various social media platforms.

Billboard Hot Trending on the Twitter platform will show users popular songs and music, as well as include videos and a wide variety of editorial content. …

Qualcomm is the leading manufacturer of mobile processors. The Snapdragon series is used by most Android smartphones.

The operating system is embedded in more than 3 billion products, about a third of which run Qualcomm Snapdragon hardware.

Cybersecurity experts at Check Point Research warn of serious vulnerabilities in Qualcomm processors. It’s annoying because the problem covers devices made by manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, OnePlus, Google and Xiaomi.

Experts found more than 400 vulnerabilities in the Snapdragon signal processor (DSP).

The company Bespoken conducted an independent study in which it compared the functionality of voice assistants from Apple, Google and Amazon.

The forces of the rivals were unequal — the winner was ahead of the solutions of other brands with a significant margin.

For the tests, the experts used a test robot that simulates human speech to evaluate the behavior of the assistants. The requests were divided into complex and simple.

Many of them were worded in such a way as to confuse the digital assistants because there was no correct answer.

For example, one of them sounded as follows…

The British magazine Science Focus has published a list of 10 countries that have the fastest wired Internet in the world.

10 countries with the fastest Internet in the world

Hungary — 99.74 megabits per second
Monaco — 104.98 megabits per second
Hong Kong — 105.32 megabits per second
Switzerland — 110.45 megabits per second
Iceland — 116.88 megabits per second
Luxembourg — 118.05 megabits per second
Gibraltar 183.09 megabits per second
Andorra — 213.41 megabits per second
Jersey — 218.37 megabits per second
Liechtenstein — 229.98 megabits per second.

The company’s oversight board approved the blocking of Trump’s accounts, but reconsidered the decision.

Facebook’s oversight board has decided to leave former U.S. President Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts blocked.

The board’s decision was published on its website on Wednesday, May 5, Skeptic reports.

“The council upheld Facebook’s Jan. 7, 2021 decision to restrict then-U.S. President Donald Trump from posting content on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

However, it was wrong to impose an indefinite blocking without relying on any standards,” the board pointed out.

The board also recommends that the case for blocking Trump’s accounts be reviewed again…

The function is currently in testing mode and is only available for use by some people

Twitter is preparing a new feature, where users will be able to create audio rooms — similar to those in the social network Clubhouse. It is said about this on the page of Spaces.

The company noted that at the moment the function is in testing mode and is available for use only by some people.

Users will be able to invite their subscribers to virtual rooms, as well as those who have registered in the social network recently. For moderation of the room is responsible for its creator. He can add people to the chat room and give them a chance to speak out.

“Our new experiment brings people together for direct communication in an intimate dialogue space,” the company said.

Microsoft continues to gradually get rid of Flash Player from all versions of its operating system Windows 10.

In February, the company released a separate optional update that removes Flash Player from the system.

Still, for some users, it was not installed at all optional and automatically.

But many users still have Flash Player on their system.

On April 27, Microsoft changed its original announcement about Adobe Flash Player. It is now reported that “removes Flash Player updates” will become part of the general optional cumulative Windows 10 updates in June.

However, if users miss these optional system updates, “removes…

The couple did not give reasons for the divorce, but close friends say they have been on the verge of separating for the past few years.

Bill Gates, the head of U.S. Microsoft Corp., has divorced his wife of 27 years they were married. The American billionaire announced this in his Twitter account.

As reported by Western media, the couple did not give reasons for the divorce, but close friends say that they have been on the verge of parting for the past few years.

According to Bloomberg Billion Index, Bill Gates is now the fourth richest man globally with…

Clubhouse Social Network

The app will become available to a “large number” of users soon

American social network Clubhouse has released a beta version of the application for Android, access to which was limited to some users.

According to the company, the application will be available to a “large number” of users in the near future.

The company announced the work on the application for Android in January 2021. Its creation is engaged developer — Mopeva Ogundipe. In April, she published screenshots of the future program.

Earlier it was reported that the social network Twitter is considering the takeover of the service Clubhouse…

Network sources are reporting that Honor brand, which is separated from Chinese telecom giant Huawei, is designing a flagship smartphone that could be announced in the next quarter.

At the heart of the device will allegedly lie an improved processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 888.

We are talking about the chip, which may be called Snapdragon 888 Pro or Snapdragon 888 Plus. The solution has not yet been officially presented, but smartphone developers are reportedly already being tested.

Briefly recall the configuration of the Snapdragon 888. This is one powerful core Cortex-X1 with a frequency of up to 2.84 …

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