Apple has announced a new purple color for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. The new color is the sixth in the color palette.

iphone 12 purple

The new purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini will be available for pre-order this Friday and will go on sale April 30.

Apple also tried to match the color of the aluminum frame to the color of the back glass panel.

Apple’s Siri voice assistant says the brand’s next event will take place as early as this month. That’s what The Verge reports.

If you ask Siri on U.S. ID devices “When is Apple’s next event?”, the assistant will name April 20 as the date of the next presentation. Siri will send the user to Apple’s official website for more details, but so far it has no information about the upcoming event.

Previously, the media has repeatedly speculated that Apple is preparing several product announcements this spring. Thus, according to rumors, we should expect the presentation of the updated iPad Pro, tracking beacons AirTag, iMac, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro.

The smartphone market is gradually filled with devices with bendable displays that fold or unfold. Samsung, one of the leaders in the development of such solutions, said it plans to develop movable screen technology in the future. TCL and LG are also working on phones with twistable displays.

However, according to Forbes, the smartphones of the future will not need such options.

Usually, when it comes to futuristic phones, people immediately imagine transparent displays that familiarly interact with them. They can often be seen in science fiction. This is indeed the most likely scenario for the industry, the publication writes.

google stadia

It looks like Google wants to turn Chromebooks into a gaming platform. This is confirmed by a statement from the developers on Twitter, which says that the new Chrome OS-based laptops will come pre-installed with Google Stadia.

“Did you know that Chromebooks now come with @GoogleStadia already installed? Start playing games without waiting for downloads or updates. “To start playing, click the Stadia icon in the Applications menu,” the developer’s post said.

The source adds that the Stadia link doesn’t launch the corresponding Android app, as it did before. Instead, Google has added a Progressive Web App (PWA) to Chrome…

Solving tasks using artificial intelligence is accompanied by processing huge amounts of data, which almost always exceeds the cache memory capabilities of processors. Therefore, the ideal memory for AI would be inside the processor and with high power efficiency. Such memory was proposed separately by researchers from the U.S. and Belgium.

Capacitorless memory cell (orange — tungsten-doped indium oxide, yellow — palladium transistor gate, green — nickel drain and source electrodes, blue — hafnium oxide dielectric). Image source: University of Notre Dam

As you know, the classic RAM DRAM is a circuit of one control transistor and a capacitor (1T1C), which stores the charge, then the cell is written 1 or discharged, which means 0. The energy consumption goes both for data recording and reading (when reading the capacitor loses some…

· What are the risks?
· Stages of Cyber Kill Chain
· Industrial plant hijacking.
Wireless hacking
Gaining access to the plant’s field network
· Dangerous Event A: Intellectual Property Theft
Dangerous event B: Industrial sabotage
Hazardous event C: Industrial plant maintenance failure

The number of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) connected to corporate IT networks is steadily growing. Many companies are adopting Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies.

Deeper integration between IT infrastructure, cloud systems and industrial networks leads to a variety of security threats for companies. …

High demand for home computers, tablets and game consoles allowed the global market of consumer electronics in 2020 to reach at least 358.5 billion dollars, — informs Strategy Analytics. The result of one year ago, therefore, was improved by 7%.

Home PC and tablet shipments increased 11% to 396 million devices, while revenue rose to $199 billion (+17%). (+17% YoY).

The lockdown period successfully coincided with the long-awaited launch of sales of next-generation gaming consoles. As a result, this segment grew in monetary terms by 18%, to $11.9 billion.

However, not all categories were successful. In particular, wireless speakers (including smart speakers) saw a 3% decline in shipments, to 240 million units. Demand for TVs also declined slightly (-2% “YoY”).

Emotional burnout syndrome is a consequence of a stressful work rhythm, a big problem of a modern person. Stress, anxiety, fatigue, apathy are all symptoms of burnout at work. More than half of Ukrainians are in this emotional state, and every third employee has experience of being in it. The most susceptible to burnout are representatives of socioeconomic professions (a type of work “man — man”).

According to the interrogation data, the TOP-5 professions, representatives of which are more subject to emotional burnout, are teachers, doctors, bankers, social workers and salespeople.

How do people deal with emotional problems and emotional burnout syndrome in particular?

How to live your life for a reason? A question that has tormented each of you at least once. And me, too.

#1 Realistically assess your capabilities for the day
#2 Get your priorities right.
#3 Plan no more than 60% of your time per day
#4 Have a list of things not to do
#5 Celebrate!

My goal in this article is to help you understand how you can get rid of the fear of living your life in…

Freelancing as a main job seems like a dream.

Table of Contents:

· 1. You will often have to work alone.
· 2. Discipline and again discipline.
· 3. Proper time management.
· 4. Working with clients.
· 5. Control of emotions.
· 6. Extra savings.

No bosses, your mode of work and rest, responsibility for your own success. It sounds wonderful, but working as a freelancer as the main job is not suitable for everyone.

While some freelancers enjoy their free schedule, others realize that they don’t work as well for themselves as they would if they worked in…

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