A Day In The Life Of A Copywriter. Here’s What It Looks Like

In this article you’ll find out what a typical day is like for a copywriter — from finding inspiration for blog posts to how to get the best out of your writing time!

What is copywright?

Write an article about what a copywriter does and looks like.

Copywriters are professionals who create content for websites, blogs, social media marketing campaigns and more. They can vary their work days based on their personal needs and desires by planning ahead and taking short breaks throughout the day to avoid losing focus.

All SEO specialists always say that they order content from copywriters. SMM-specialists say the same thing. So I wrote a few emails to the copywriters we work with and asked them to tell me about how their day is going!

A Day In The Life Of A Copywriter

That’s the question we’re going to answer in this article. A copywriter is an individual who writes and edits content for websites, blogs, articles and social media marketing campaigns.

In order to become a successful copywriter you’ll need skills in writing, editing and producing content as well as many other tasks such as research or organization.

Meet, Luise Williams

7:30 a.m. I am woken up by my alarm clock and immediately silence it with a swift swipe of my hand, not willing to stop the dream I was having about being a copywriter in Milan all of a sudden.

That would be too much to handle right now. Allowing myself an extra five minutes under the covers, I get ready for breakfast and come downstairs to find nobody else is awake yet, probably due to it being Sunday morning — thank goodness!

9:00 a.m. Suddenly feeling inspired? You’ll want some music on in order to get in the zone and concentrate on what you’re doing so Spotify playlists are here to help you out with that.

Sometimes curating music can be just as difficult as writing copy, so leave yourself plenty of time for brainstorming before you actually get started.

10:00 a.m. Now that I’m ready to write some copy I go into the kitchen and open up my laptop which is always set up on the large wooden dining table in our house since it’s where we eat our meals anyway.

I check Facebook quickly to see if anybody has commented on or shared any posts I’ve made recently — not because I care what people think but because you never know when somebody might be interested in your services!

12:30 p.m. After three hours of solid work I’m starting to feel hungry again — good job it’s lunchtime then isn’t it? My fiancé and I usually try to eat out once a week on Sunday so we decide to grab some lunch at our favourite cafe.

As both of us work from home most of the day it can get quite lonely and stressful so we like to go out for lunch together whenever possible, probably even more than we should!

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2:00 p.m. I feel recharged after that yummy sandwich and coffee but realise I’m not going to get anything else done this afternoon if I don’t get back into my routine straight away! After all, copywriting is one of those jobs where you can’t leave your laptop while waiting for inspiration or you’ll lose valuable writing time.

4:30 p.m. We’ve found ourselves in a bit of a dilemma — we cannot decide whether to go out for dinner or not. The hostess at the restaurant looks really hopeful that we’re going to turn up and I’m getting hungry again but my fiancé is still busy working on an important document and doesn’t want to be disturbed!

Nights like this make me wish I’d gone into advertising instead, where you can work from anywhere in the world…

6:00 p.m. I get back home and start writing some more content while waiting for dinner to be ready. It takes us ages because my fiancé insists on cooking everything from scratch after reading that it’s better than buying pre-made meals or takeaway sushi (and he might be right)! rarely ever eat meat anymore but as he cooks it I don’t argue as that just creates another stressful situation.

8:30 p.m. Finally we’re eating and I’m struggling to stay awake — usually on Sunday evenings I spend a couple of hours catching up with work emails and reading articles for inspiration but today has been so busy and distracting that there’s no time for anything like that!

After we’ve finished eating we decide it’s definitely time for bed, after all somebody has got to be alert enough to feed the cats in the morning or they’ll never forgive us!

Goodnight ;)

A Day In The Life Of A Copywriter. Here’s What It Looks Like…

Meet, Robert Hoelscher

7am — Get up, get ready, have breakfast and get on the tube to work!

8am — Arrive at the office with a hot beverage in hand. Set up your desk, check mail etc.

9am-11am Start writing! Take advantage of these early hours when you’re full of energy and creativity. These are your most productive hours where it can be easy to churn out large chunks of writing within a short amount of time.

Try not to take too many breaks during this period because you’ll lose concentration☺

11am-1pm Time for lunch! Make sure you allow enough time for lunch. Don’t rush to eat and make sure you take time out of the office for a bit.

This will do wonders for your creativity and productivity! It can also be good to vary your choice of lunches as we tend to get stuck in routines…but don’t swap tuna sandwiches too much or people will think “that’s weird, why is she only eating tuna sandwiches all the time even though she hates them?”

1pm-3pm — You should now start making plans for the rest of your day. If you’re about halfway through with what you need to write then it might be worth setting some deadlines for yourself now so that later on in the evening when you’ve lost energy and motivation, you’ll still have plenty of time to finish your work.

3pm-5pm — This afternoon period is the perfect time for research and organization.

If you’ve got lots of writing to do then it can be great to spend this time on preliminary research so that when you come back the next day, you’ll be able to write with ease because all of your facts are already organized!

You might also want to leave yourself some time for reading through other people’s writing. Take a look at our previous articles for inspiration…you never know what something new might spark within you☺

5pm-7pm — Start preparing for tomorrow! Write out a plan of action or even just brainstorm some ideas. Get away from your desk but don’t go too far as you’ll lose focus when you come back.

7pm-9pmDinner time! You can use this time to catch up with your friends and family and enjoy yourself a bit. Just don’t forget that tomorrow is another day of writing and research so try not to go out too often or your entire schedule will be thrown off balance☺

9pm-10:30pmTime for bed! Make sure you get an early night because there are only 24 hours in the day, 8 of which are already gone ☹

If you want to become a successful copywriter, you’ll need skills in writing, editing and producing content as well as many other tasks such as research or organization.

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=>A day in the life of a copywriter is never boring with so much variety from finding inspiration for blog posts to how to get the best out of your writing time.

This article should give you some insight about what it’s really like — from getting up early and eating lunch at work to making plans for tomorrow night before going home!!!

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