ChatGPT Plus Users Can Download and Analyze Files in the Latest Beta Version

James J. Davis
2 min readDec 7, 2023

OpenAI is rolling out new beta features to ChatGPT Plus members. Subscribers report that the update includes the ability to download and work with files, as well as multimodal support. Essentially, users won’t need to select modes like Browse with Bing from a GPT-4 drop-down menu — instead, the program will guess what they want based on context.

The new features add the office tools offered in the ChatGPT Enterprise plan to a standalone individual chatbot subscription. Once a file hits ChatGPT, it takes a few minutes to digest it before it’s ready to work with it, and then the chatbot can do things like summarize data, answer questions, or generate data visualizations based on tips.

A chatbot is not limited to just text files. On Threads, a user posted screenshots of a conversation in which he uploaded an image of a capybara and asked ChatGPT, using DALL-E 3, to create a Pixar-style image based on it. They then iterated on the concept of the first image by uploading another image — this time of a swinging skateboard — and asked the app to insert that image.