Ethernet Servers Review: 38 Fast Websites On A Single Hosting

James J. Davis
11 min readNov 30, 2020

After long experiments with different hosting, I ended up at Ethernet Servers hosting company. Read below, what tasks I set and how I managed to solve them.

In my spare time I do various interesting stuff, which includes experiments with new web technologies (for example, AMP + structured data).

Since I have limited not only free time but also budget, I like to use cheap hosting, or as it is called — shared hosting. Contrary to popular belief, shared hosting can be very useful, especially at the first stages of site development.

So, let’s dive further into Ethernet Servers review. Let’s say you already have a domain and all you have to do is connect it to a web hosting. This can be done in literally two clicks. Believe me, in the 21st century there are still web hosting companies that manually approve every new account… Fortunately, in Ethernet Servers everything is 100% automated and I am very grateful for this.

Table Of Contents

· Shared hosting packages
· Why LiteSpeed runtime works much faster
· Let’s look inside
· Other hosting packages
· Helpdesk response time
· Unmanaged Linux VPS
· Conclusion

Shared hosting packages

Ethernet Servers shared hosting packages are extremely cheap but powerful:

Some benefits of the shared hosting:

  • Freedom from restrictions and the ability to grow with your business without investing in a dedicated server outright.
  • No data caps, scaling limits, or downtime issues.
  • The best solution for businesses that are looking for an affordable website builder on a budget.
  • Get more when you pay less! With our lower prices per hour this is the cheapest pricing around!

Which packages do they have:

Silver package — for such a funny price you get the following resources:

  • cPanel — I have never seen a more convenient hosting control panel
  • 10 GB high speed SSD storage
  • 3 GB dedicated RAM
  • up to 5 addon domains — that means you can have up to 5 different sites
  • LiteSpeed runtime (with LS Cache) — extremely nice feature, much more faster than PHP runtime
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 7 worldwide server locations
  • A lot of free account management functions (migration, ssh access, daily backups etc)

My verdict: Ideal for business card sites, medium blogs or forums.

Gold package is an improved version of the silver package, the difference:

  • 25 GB high speed SSD storage
  • up to 10 addon domains

From personal experience, I can say that the power is enough for 7 websites (provided that you have correctly configured some of the inside of the sites).

Platinum package is my favorite, I have a lot of my experimental websites focused on it.

It differs from the gold package with 50 GB disk capacity and unlimited addon domains. My websites record within one platinum package is 38. Yes, 38 websites on a single shared hosting! Total audience is 10,000 visitors per day on average. Another example is

Why LiteSpeed runtime works much faster

That lightweight Apache alternative conserves resources without sacrificing performance, security, compatibility, or convenience. LiteSpeed is miles ahead of Apache when it comes to the performance side and the implementation of HTTP/3.

Just take a look on this metrics from Google’s PageInsights:

and GTMetrix:

not “A” rating because of a lot of media on this website

Let’s look inside

account’s homepage

From the account page you can also access cPanel or use quick shortcuts:

Other hosting packages

Besides shared hosting I also have one Managed Linux VPS from that list:

Perhaps you are already familiar with the concept of VPS? I just want to mention some features that I find very attractive:

  • Server-Grade Intel Xeon CPUs 💪
  • Fully Managed CentOS 8 64-bit
  • Daily Full Account Backups
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

When I say fully-managed, I mean that you can count on:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring & restoration of failed services (i.e. Ping, SSH, MariaDB, Apache, named).
  • 24/7/365 unlimited technical support
  • Secured to help keep nasty web threats, bots, and people, at bay.

I still remember a time when Ethernet Servers sold managed VPS + cPanel for WHM, however, they have switched to DirectAdmin. To be fair, DirectAdmin is even easier to set up and it’s just a matter of taste. As an old wolf I like WHM better.

Helpdesk response time

In my line of work I often communicate with the support team (excuse me, guys). I do not know how they organized the process, but at any time of day and night these guys respond quickly. I just love them! And it doesn’t matter what question you ask — whether it’s a small configuration inside the system or a complex request to migrate a large project.

It was thanks to my positive experience with the support team that I decided to write this review.

I was working on a project when I got stuck. I tried to figure it out, but in the end, I had no other choice but to ask for help. When you’re deep into coding and nothing seems to work, you can’t wait until Monday morning (or any other time of day or night) to get some support. So I sent them an email with my problem. They replied within five minutes! It also helps that they’ve always been friendly whenever we talk about any issue related to IT stuff, so this didn’t come as a surprise. Anyway, they helped me solve my problem quickly and kindly using their vast knowledge of programming languages and computing environments — it’s surprising how much these guys know!

Unmanaged Linux VPS

There is wide freedom of choice:

I tried the configuration shown in this picture 👆

The task was not easy: to automate the processing of large amounts of data, as well as to configure hundreds of internal cron jobs.

What is the beauty of an unmanaged Linux based VPS? If you, like me, are a big fan of unix-like systems, it is not difficult to install the necessary packages and configure everything properly.

I was a big fan of unix-like systems, which is why I started using Linux. It’s a great way to power through tasks and get things done without the need for any wizards or extra software. And it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg!


If you need to quickly create from 1 to 10 sites, I strongly recommend shared hosting (gold or platinum package). In more than a year of using Ethernet Servers shared hosting I’ve never had any failures.

If you are a Unix fan and you want full freedom of action, any of the Unmanaged VPS will do for you.


How much traffic can shared hosting handle?

First of all, you should understand that unlimited hosting differs from the usual hosting only in the absence of fixed (hard) restrictions on the consumption of resources — disk space, traffic, the number of sites and databases, and so on, but certain frames in any case will be, because the server resources are fixed, and have the property sooner or later to end.

Shared hosting can generally handle around 10% of the traffic that a dedicated server can handle.

Share similar to how a megaphone is used for large crowds — it’s one device being used among many, so while demand on this one device may be high, the more people using these devices, the better its coverage becomes. However, with shared hosting, you will never have all ten slots taken, whereas, with a dedicated server, you could get near 100% usage.

You’ll notice this during various times throughout the day and certain days of the week, but using a dedicated server would ensure that your site is always running without an issue.

What are the advantages of shared hosting?

  • Get started with minimal upfront investment
  • Access to a wide variety of software and application
  • You’ll be able to focus on your projects rather than hosting concerns
  • Have peace of mind knowing that our 99% uptime guarantee backs you

What are the disadvantages of shared hosting?

The major limitation is with the shared resources that you have on your server. If only ten percent of the websites on your server have a daily traffic spike, then they can significantly lower the speed of your website. However, many hosting providers offer a dedicated RAM, so no worries.

Shared hosts don’t typically provide security options like firewall and malware protection.

Shared hosting is also the cheapest option available, which means you end up paying more for bandwidth and storage space than similar setups that incur higher costs for better quality and performance. Another problem with shared hosting is that downtime can affect many websites simultaneously.

If your site is usually connected to 10 sites hosted by the same company, all ten pages might go down together when one goes offline. Lastly, each website on a shared host usually shares server resources such as CPU time and memory with other customers–this leads to poor performance during high-traffic periods when not all customers may need these resources simultaneously.

Can Magento run on Ethernet Servers shared hosting?

Often store owners who are new to eCommerce or want to begin selling online quickly look to web hosting companies for solutions. While this may be the quickest route, it can also create unexpected budget problems later on because shared hosting requires high volume and traffic load. That’s why most experts recommend building your own Magento platform using VPS (Virtual Private Server) web hosting.

This article will take a deeper look at the difference between shared hosting and VPS. We’ll also explore why it’s essential to use an Ethernet-based server for Magento if you want optimum performance, stability, and security. [Note: this is where we should add some details about how Ethernet-based servers are different from shared hosting, and why using a VPS or dedicated server is better because of these differences.]

Is shared hosting good for eCommerce?

Shared hosting is ideal for eCommerce sites. Most companies offering this service constantly tune server resources so that websites run fast with zero downtime.

• Save time by loading your website from a shared hosting server

• Get more visitors to your site with better performance

• Avoid dealing with a complicated setup process to build a personal eCommerce website

• Increase ROI on your ad campaigns

• Reduce the risk of a security vulnerability

• Experience an improved shopping experience for your customers with a shared hosting service

How many websites can you host on a shared hosting?

There is no specific number, but the answer generally lies in the hundreds. In my personal experience, you can setup up to 30 websites on a good shared hosting without any concerns.

What are some of the best ethernet servers hosting?

Ethernet servers are in high demand. When they come to hosting, there are several things that influence the choice of a particular model. It is important to correctly identify the priorities when choosing an ethernet server for your company.

The key features of Ethernet servers are their accessibility, scalability and physical presence in the network. They have a built-in power control, which allows you to turn them on and off remotely. They can also be placed in a standard rack cabinet with 19 “hubs.

The main thing is the number of ethernet ports. Some models have 4 or 8 ports that can be used simultaneously by multiple users at home or office networks. Such devices are very convenient because they allow you to quickly increase the number of ports.

N+1 redundancy is also an important criterion when choosing ethernet servers. If one or more functions do not work, then the redundant part takes over its functions immediately. This feature enables efficient control over the performance and availability of equipment at all times.

Finally, it is worth choosing equipment that suits your needs. You can allocate a particular function to the device, and then you will not overload it with too many functions. After all, no one wants to pay for options that will not be used. Check your hosting plan!

How much does ethernet servers hosting cost?

The price of Ethernet servers depends on the number of ports and hardware configuration. When choosing models, it is worth considering the possibilities that you will definitely use. Skillful planning allows you to automatically avoid surcharges for functions that are not required in your particular case.

What ethernet servers hosting is better?

When choosing an ethernet server for hosting, you must carefully analyze the available options. Do not forget about your priorities for this equipment. If you do not want to overpay for functions that will never be used, then make sure that the model has exactly what is needed in your case.

What are some of the characteristics of a good ISP for server hosting?

An ISP must provide the necessary functionality. It is worth paying attention to such issues as data transfer, connection type and bandwidth. Sometimes you cannot avoid additional expenses for transferring large files or extensive use of your Internet connection. You can choose a particular type of connection — broadband, DSL or fibre-optic line.

The quality and speed of access to the Internet for users of hosting servers depend on the type of connection and traffic load. All providers guarantee a certain bandwidth, but during the day it is subject to change depending on how busy your server is.

Should I get an unlimited subscription plan with my ISP for server hosting?

When choosing an unlimited hosting plan for servers, you need to make sure that there is no hidden limitation on the volume and bandwidth of traffic. And if such limitations are implied, it makes sense to contact a specialist in order to find out exactly what your ISP can provide under this option.

What do I need to know about ISP switching?

Switching to a new ISP is often necessary under the terms of a particular contract. In this case, you need to verify that the cost of changing an ISP does not exceed the savings from the lower subscription fee. Also, check whether there are any other costs associated with switching to another provider.

Thank you for your attention!

This article was written using 100% recycled words :)