Fraudsters Posing As Ilon Musk Swindled $2 million Worth Of Cryptocurrency

In total, scammers have swindled more than $80,000,000 worth of cryptocurrency in the United States since October 2020.

What is interesting, they managed to get 2 million of them by posing as the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Ilon Musk.

Very often unscrupulous people swindle money through websites or apps. They offer a profitable investment in some business.

Also scammers work on dating sites. There they managed to get almost 20% of all embezzled money.

They also like to get cryptocurrency through so-called charity. They allegedly ask on behalf of celebrities to transfer cryptocurrency to them. Most people fall for the request, because they are promised “several times more back.”

One of the celebrities the scammers targeted in 2020 was the face of Ilon Musk.

Fraudsters hack into confirmed Twitter accounts with the famous blue tick. In this way, the scammers turn into the epitome of celebrity.

It is these ticks that help make people think that cryptocurrency offers are legitimate.

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