Google Released The Third Beta Of Android 12 For Developers

New features in Android 12

  • There’s a section with verified links that will always open in the app, not in the browser;
  • Toast notifications at the bottom of the screen will have a color depending on the color mode of the smartphone;
  • Total number of incoming notifications of each app appeared in the notification curtain;
  • New context menu for setting and managing desktop widgets;
  • Screenshot thumbnail can be closed by swiping both left and right;
  • The screen brightness reduction feature is now called Extra Dim;
  • There is an option to arrange applications on desktop in iOS style grid (with big gaps);
  • There is an animation of applications launch, which makes them appear as if their icons on the desktop;
  • It is now possible to customize the color accents of interface elements by choosing your favorite shade;
  • There is a section in the screenshot editing menu with a choice of fonts;
  • The context menu of applications, called by holding down an icon, now has a different look;
  • The interface design of the menu items in the Settings app has changed.

Open a link in the app

As you can see, most of the innovations are of a purely cosmetic nature, but there are some very useful changes.

When will Android 12 be released?

But now users will have the ability to simply generate a list of URLs, clicking on which will always take them to the app.



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