How Do Google Maps Make Money?

How much does Google Maps make?

Google’s interesting business model- “hidden” revenue!

So who does pay Google?

Google Ads and Google AdSense explained

So, in summary, here’s how this cycle works:

What other ways does Google use to make money?

What is Google Maps?

How does Google Maps make money?

Another way that Google Maps makes money

Custom Pins

“Turn right after the Burger King”- An advertisement trick?

How can I add my business to Google Maps and advertise it?

In conclusion, where is Google Maps headed?

It’s Time To Start Making Money With Google!

Wealthy Affiliate — No1 Affiliate Training Program

Wealthy Affiliate — No1 Affiliate Training Program

What is Wealthy Affiliate?




Software developer with 30 years of experience

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James J. Davis

James J. Davis

Software developer with 30 years of experience

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