In the UK Used Medical Masks Are Used To Make School Furniture

In just the 12 months of the coronavirus pandemic in this country, 20 billion disposable protective masks were used and thrown into landfills.

In Cardiff (UK), a company recycles medical masks into eco-friendly chairs for schools.

The fight against the pandemic has generated thousands of tons of plastic trash. That’s billions of masks, medicine gowns and other protective gear ending up in landfills.

A company in the city has found an ecological solution to this problem. Using a particular machine, they recycle used medical masks into purple-colored plastic.

After one hour of thermal treatment, the masks are made into plastic blocks of 20 kilograms each. They are then used to make school chairs and toolboxes.

Thus, the masks do not have to be incinerated or thrown away. Six hospitals in Great Britain have already purchased the machine.



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