InterServer Review: A General Website Hosting Feature Review comes up online as one of the top 20 web hosting companies when you conduct a search engine query. With over 1.9 million domains hosted and more than 20,000 customers each month, there is no doubt about the top-notch web hosting service that the company offers. Best of all, their top-notch hosting services come with great affordability and get more affordable with an InterServer discount of $2.50 Per Month (you will not find cheaper and better quality).

Table Of Contents

· About the Company
· The people
· VPS & Cloud
· Dedicated servers
· Popular applications as SaaS
· Unlimited Disk Space
· Why is the Unlimited disk storage space from InterServer so significant?
· Unlimited Domains
· Frequently Asked Questions

About the Company

The people

InterServer service clients are varying from private freelancers to Fortune 500 companies, both domestic and also global. As far as I see, that company takes remarkable pride in our dedication to make sure safety and security, reliability, as well as technical expertise to each client. We are just one of the few providers that supply around-the-clock customer assistance with real-time reps readily available 24/7.

There are tons of both limited and unlimited web hosting features for webmasters when leveraging InterServer’s web hosting services. This review is dedicated to the UNLIMITED features a user can enjoy with InterServer web hosting services: Standard Web Hosting (for beginners), Reseller Hosting, ASP.Net Hosting, Boost Hosting, Email Hosting, cPanel hosting, Nonprofit hosting, Student hosting, Website Builder, E-Commerce, Blog hosting, Online Stores.

VPS & Cloud

Dedicated servers

Popular applications as SaaS

I will describe the essential advantages of hosting for me! There are a lot of them, and you will get tired of reading about them all :-)

Unlimited Disk Space

The benefits of unlimited disk space are merely desirable. In recent times, most websites are running on an e-commerce basis, which requires a lot of storage space due to the amount of data involved in e-commerce transactions. If your website is e-commerce based, unlimited disk space will allow you to do the following:

  • You can embed all of your marketing videos without worrying if you would have enough disk storage space. You know how desperate one can get when it comes to the need to put up your marketing videos out there for both existing and potential customers to see. With the unlimited storage space, you don’t have to worry — there’s more than enough space to accommodate all of your marketing videos.
  • Also, you will have sufficient space to embed your marketing catalogs. This application also takes up massive storage space, and you desperately want to put it out there to attract customers. When leveraging the unlimited disk storage feature from InterServer, you don’t have to worry about space for all of your online marketing materials.
  • Transaction processing associated with e-commerce is also enormous and requires sufficient storage space. Besides, you may need to keep small to large databases for your customers’ and employees’ info. You will conveniently get all these done with InterServer’s unlimited disk storage

Also, if you are running multiple websites, the unlimited disk storage feature is a great plus. Unlimited web storage space is not just a feature for transferring files. Any webmaster running tons of websites can leverage the unlimited disk storage space to manage multiple websites from one InterServer hosting account. Indeed, you need all the disk space possible when handling numerous websites on just one web hosting account.

Why is the Unlimited disk storage space from InterServer so significant?

On several web hosting platforms, you are only allowed limited storage space at the full cost of hosting very cheap ($5 or more) or at the same discount price that InterServer offers. Unlimited web hosting feature is vital to most webmasters. If you opt for a hosting provider that allows only limited disk space, you will have no extra space for your excess files, materials, or websites when you exceed the allocated space on the provider’s server.

Unlimited Domains

It doesn’t matter whether you are paying the full cost or just the 50% discounted price. You will still enjoy unlimited domains offered by InterServer. All of these domains are hosted and managed effectively from one hosting account. This makes multiple website management simpler, especially with the upgraded cPanel tool continuously.

It is normal to encounter tons of challenges when managing multiple domains, mostly when the sites are spread over different not-too-reliable hosting platforms. You will continuously experience nightmares trying to stay on track with all of the sites. For instance, renewing your certificates would be quite an arduous task, which is also true of updating your add-ons. On the contrary, with unlimited domains hosting a single account using a top-notch control panel, the work becomes more manageable and swifter. This is huge savings, especially when you avail of the InterServer $2.50 per month promo code.

You will also enjoy tons of other excellent features such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and more. Get details of other InterServer’s unlimited web hosting features in this post!

Frequently Asked Questions

Website Hosting is an online service that allows you to publish your website or web application on the Internet. When you subscribe to the hosting service, you usually rent space on a server where you can store all the files and data needed for the proper functioning of your site.

The server is a physical computer that runs without interruption so that your site can be accessed at all times by those who want to visit it. Your hosting is responsible for keeping the server running, protecting it from malicious attacks, and transferring your content (text, images, files) from the server to your visitors’ browsers.

Difference between Website Hosting and Domain Names?

Apart from registering a hosting service, you also need to purchase a domain (You can buy your domain name right now on InterServer). What’s the difference? When visitors want to visit your site, they enter the domain name in the address bar of their browser, and the server transmits the content they requested.

Most hosting providers offer to purchase a domain name separately. Or, if you already have a domain name, you can also transfer it to your current hosting provider. Like your hosting plans, you must pay for your domain name every year to retain ownership of the domain.

How fast will my hosting account and domain work?

Your account (FTP, shell, pop3) will start to work in a few hours after you provide your payment document, your domain will be registered or transferred to our hosting within 48 hours.

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