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Today it was boiling in our office because there were several customers with web projects on Magento Content Management System.

We are developing an online store for Brian from Austin and his car products for cars and one eCommerce project that we can’t talk about.

So today, we will talk about your web project. Namely, the engines on which these web projects are built. It’s a shame if you spend a lot of time to solve this simple problem.

It is better to spend an extra minute on more pressing issues, such as planning to buy a new home, which will be affordable to you in the project’s success.

And from this guide, you will learn how to choose the right and fast CMS for your site, namely all information about Magento CMS.

Table Of Contents

· What is Magento?
· Magento Advantages
· Why is it difficult to choose the “CMS” for the site?
· Using E-Commerce Platforms Easily
· Magento Hosting Features

What is Magento?

One of the most popular CMS for online stores in the world. Like most other e-commerce engines, it is based on PHP and MySQL.

The developers are the Americans Roy Rubin and Yoav Kuttner, who initially (from 2011) was engaged in developing online stores on osCommerce. Magento uses the Zend Framework and is not a “clone” of osCommerce. The first version of Magento was released in 2007. Since 2011, the developer company Varien owns eBay. Despite its American roots, 99% of Magento developers are from Ukraine.

Today there are 150K Internet stores on the Magento platform as the product is focused on American and European markets.

Magento Advantages

There is no need to describe the functionality of Magento because this engine can make any online store. Among the advantages: you can note the huge built-in functionality, as well as scalability and extensibility. It should also be noted that Magento has a vast number of extensions/modules. Half of them are free, and the other half are inexpensive. The same can be said about templates: on Template Monster for this content management system, you can find 900 templates for all popular topics. So there are a lot of advantages.

Why is it difficult to choose the “CMS” for the site?

The answer to this question may surprise you. The fact is that for the implementation of almost any web project, you will be suitable nearly any CMS. For example, you can choose Magento and open an online store, content project, blog, portal, web service, business card site, whatever you want.

Using E-Commerce Platforms Easily

It is possible to use e-commerce platforms like Magento in a less stressful manner. All that an online retailer has to do is to take advantage of in-built capabilities and to install additional extensions. In most cases, a framework (download last version) will come with all the necessary tools. Therefore, it is imperative to read the documentation about how to use the different features. Most aspects will be understood easily, so one can start using an application in a matter of minutes.

Understanding the dashboard will save a person from a lot of trouble. This is because most resources, themes, and applications can be located in this area. Once a person is well enlightened about the basics, it will be relatively easy to deal with advanced matters.

To avoid complications, one should use a simple theme but has powerful functionality and pleasing aesthetics. Such a template can be modified in a hassle-free manner. Time and again, there will be a need to change aspects like background color and font size, among other elements.

Built-in SEO tools will make the Search Engine Optimisation process a walk in the park. It is imperative to take advantage of the functionality of a framework to achieve much using less effort. Because of the tools of some e-commerce platforms, there will be no need for up-front development. With Tier 1 and some Tier 2 solutions, one does not have to develop an IT infrastructure from scratch because the software in question is complete in all respects.

Instead of modifying the site’s codes to achieve the desired effect, one should simply use an extension. Such an application will perform a specified purpose due to the fact that plug-ins typically receive automatic updates from the website of a developer. An online retailer will not be involved in any maintenance work.

E-commerce platforms usually simplify the process of selling goods online. Because of the ease of usage, an entrepreneur will be saved from a lot of complications. Therefore, sufficient time and effort can be dedicated to business aspects. A good number of solutions can be used by individuals who do not have programming knowledge.

To start working on this platform, you need a hosting provider. I want to advise you one of the best companies that will help you for FREE with the settings of Magento cms is InterServer. I recently made a brief review of them

Don’t compromise on security. Our guide compares the top hosting providers to help you find the best option for your needs. Protect your website from cyber threats now.

I will give you some examples, and I am sure that you will succeed and quickly realize all your business desires and write your positive opinion in the comments. Yay.

Magento Hosting Features

Here some good reasons to choose Magento hosting service.

Customize your business right now!



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