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Rocket Net Hosting Review

Hosting Overview

A quick search of the internet for “rocket net review” brings up a few results, all of which seem to be positive. In this review I will try to answer all your questions that I have collected on the Internet.

rocket net review hosting
rocket net control panel
Rocket net — Control Panel

About Creators Speed Test

The time it takes for a website to load completely on your browser is referred to as the Page Load Speed.

Rocket net Speed

Performance Metrics

The Lighthouse Performance data is used to create the following metrics.

Performance Metrics

Browser Timings

The browser notifies you of these milestones, which are displayed as “time on this domain”.

Browser Timings

Server Response Time Test

According to official Google guidelines, the ideal server response time should be less than 200ms. It’s been a ranking signal for Google since after the Core web vitals update from Google.

Your website’s server response time is the time it takes for your server to send back the first byte of data in response to a request from a browser. The faster the response, the better. Cache

A built-in cache system, by default, runs in the background on It has 250+ caching locations to ensure your data.

The Cache system stores a copy of your data in a safe location and serves it to you when you request it.

To take advantage of the Cache system, simply log into your account and click on the “Cache” tab. From here, you can select the file or folder you’d like to cache. Once cached, the file or folder will be available offline and will load faster when you request it.

Case Studies And Mission

Twodot Marketing — M3 Media — CornerStone SEO
Twodot Marketing — M3 Media — CornerStone SEO

Twodot Marketing

Twodot Marketing is a company that helps businesses get on the internet. Before Rocket, they used to host WordPress websites on other companies for their clients. Sometimes those websites were slow and not as secure as Twodot wanted them to be.

M3 Media

M3 Media builds brands for all your digital platforms. They make content that is distributed on all screens. This makes it easier to show your brand everywhere.

CornerStone SEO

CornerStone SEO is a company that helps people with their websites. Chris Azzari has spent years working with hosting companies and learned that speed, security, and reliability.

  • Easy-to-use interface — You don’t need any experience to make one with this platform!

Hosting Features Data Centers

A data center, often called simply a “server farm”, is a large, distributed system for storing, processing, and managing data. Servers that act as an on-demand interface to centralized data stores are usually a farm of central processing units (CPUs) and a mass storage area.

CloudFlare Enterprise CDN

Do you know that all websites hosted on Rocket net will get the benefit of Cloudflare Enterprise CDN service? With over 200 strategic locations, your website is much faster and more secure from accessing it via any one location in particular!

Cloudflare Enterprise

SSL Certificates & IP Encryption

wordpress website firewall waf

DDoS protection

A lot of hosting customers have been victims of DDoS attacks in the past. With unique, built-in DDoS protection from Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, your website will be shielded from any malicious Denial of Service attacks that may crash your server!

Dynamic full page caching

This advanced technology speeds up websites by caching pages, images, CSS, and JavaScript at the edge. This allows users to keep browsing even when they are offline or on a slow connection!

Third-party script proxying

Rocket’s proprietary system makes sure that third-party scripts from social networks, ad servers, and analytics platforms load quickly and reliably at high speed.

Image Optimization

You’ll never have to worry about slow page loading time after uploading images to cause this feature will automatically optimize your images every time you upload them to the server.

Code Optimization

This is crucial for sites that have a lot of Javascript or CSS files. When Rocket sees a large file, it automatically breaks it into smaller chunks, so the site doesn’t slow down!

Direct edge peering

This special connection offers low network latency and ensures that Rocket’s content is delivered as fast as possible

JS Prioritization

The JavaScript skills of your website’s visitors can make or break it. Running long-running scripts will slow down the loading time for every page and harm performance, which should be avoided wherever possible with minimizing code as much as possible by using our prioritization facility that ensures better usage to optimize how quickly everything loads without any extra work!

Automated Patching

If you use to host your website, it will clean your site for free. has a built-in system that constantly monitors the site to ensure that everything is working smoothly, and if not, it will fix it right away.

Free Migration and Premium SSL

If you want to migrate your website, you can do that by raising a ticket. You will need your WordPress login information and FTP details. Your website will be moved in about 30 minutes. There is no other way to move a website except for through the ticket system.

Bullet Proof Security

Nowadays, security is fundamental. If you have an e-commerce site, then you are most at risk. Aaron and Ben know this, and they put security first over anything else. The company uses security experts to handle all their websites. They are constantly updating the system to ensure that it is not vulnerable.

Two-factor authentication

This system provides high security to the users by adding an extra layer of protection. Usually, you will be required to enter your password and a code

Captcha for automated bots

This is another layer of security that prevents automated bots from accessing your website.

24/7 monitoring of your website

Rocket is constantly monitoring every single file uploaded on the servers to make sure that there are no security threats or vulnerabilities

Intuitive Interface

Rocket net is an easy way to create your website. When you make things, the navigation is smooth, and it will be easy for you to find all of the stuff you need. Right now, there isn’t a file manager on Rocket — but soon, there will be one!

Enterprise Quality Servers

With Rocket’s enterprise quality servers, 256 GB RAM, 16 core CPUs, gigabyte internet connections and more — you can be sure your site will load quickly without any lag time or downtime. You’ll also have access to free SSL certificates when signing up with them!

Back-Ups — Restoring

Feedback from my colleague

That’s why I recommend Rocket.Net

Hosting Plans hosting has many different hosting plans for you to choose, depending on the size of your website. They have starter plan, pro, a business plan that you can use for your company’s website and agency plan. You’ll be able to see what different plans they offer on their pricing page.

Starter Plan

starter plan hosting

Pro Plan

pro plan hosting
  • Lightning-fast load speeds
  • Get your site up and running even if you don’t have any technical experience.

Business Plan

business plan rocket net hosting
  • Get the business you’ve always dreamed of
  • Build the company you’ve always wanted to work for

Agency Plan

agency plan rocket net hosting


What I like most about all the plans:

  • Dynamic content delivery — you can get up to 6x faster page load speeds for your dynamic content
  • Account isolation — you can isolate your site on to protect it against hacking/ malware, theft or accidental content changes
  • Memory level server catching — they are currently using the best technology to ensure your site is always online
  • Scalability — no matter how many users come to your site, you don’t have to worry about the speed slowing down
  • Free SSL certificate — you don’t have to install one manually because automatically installs an SSL certificate on your site

Rocket.Net Hosting Pros And Cons is a great choice for your custom development needs because one of the top advantages of using it is that you can work with a team to make any changes or additions you need in the future.


  • Site Speed — is extremely fast and you can easily speed up your site by using their built-in caching service
  • Excellent for Beginners — is extremely easy to use and you won’t have any problems getting your site set up
  • Free Expert Services — excellent support and web design services for free
  • Security makes sure your site is secure. It protects against malware, hackers, and data theft.
  • Experienced customer support team — has a 24/7 customer support team that is always available to help you out
  • Scalability — no matter how many users come to your site, you don’t have to worry about the speed slowing down


  • Cost — is a little bit more expensive than some of the other hosting providers out there
  • Lack of tutorials and how-to-guides — does not have many tutorials or how-to-guides for beginners.

My experience

Reviews from the official website

Customer Services and Support offers outstanding customer service and its after-sales support team is one of the best in this industry, with more than 17 years experience to help you sort any issue! To contact Rocket hosting, simply use one of these channels: email or live-chat on website (both available 24/7)

live chat

Chat Support

Have you ever experience one of these issues?

Ticket Support

If you have a technical issue with your hosting service, we are here to help! You can reach out directly or submit an email. Our experts will get back in touch with the best solution they can offer within 24–48 hours and ship it right away so that nothing is lost on either end of communication — all for free (w/ limited support).

What is Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program pays commissions on sales generated through referrals. The commission rate is $150 per referral!

How to Apply for Affiliate Program?

Okay, signing up for the Rocket net Affiliate Program is a very simple process.


Can I get any discount for

No, the company does not offer any discounts to first-time users.

Is there a discount if I buy an annual subscription?


Does hosting have a money-back policy?

Yes! offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for new customers.

Does Rocket hosting offer free trials?

Yes, they do! New accounts are eligible for a 30-day trial to test all of the features on their hosting service. They will even upgrade your account when you contact them! That means more bandwidth, disk space, databases, and email accounts at no extra cost to you.

Does offer phone support?

Yes. You can contact them via phone or live chat, which is both available 24/7.

Does Rocket offer free WordPress migrations?

Yes. This service is included with any plan that you choose to go with.

What payment types do they accept? accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. They also offer a PayPal option for your convenience.

How long does it take to get setup?

You can sign up for their services in under five minutes! Once the process is completed and you receive one of their welcome messages, your hosting account can take about 20–30 minutes to be active on the server. From there, you will have access to all of your web tools via cPanel or Plesk (depending upon what system language you chose), which usually takes another 10–15 minutes after first-time login. So if everything goes smoothly, the signup and setup process will only take about 55 minutes in total.

Can I use with a caching plugin?

Yes, whether you use WP Rocket or WP Super Cache. has a list of the top caching plugins that you can choose from at their site and they even provide instructions on how to set them up correctly depending upon what platform your website is running on. They also have a blazing-fast network infrastructure that will ensure that your website pages load in an instant!

Does offer dedicated servers?

Not yet.

Will the service provide my website with real-time security?

Yes. In addition to their WordPress Firewall, they offer a Secure Shield service that is optional for all customers.

How long until my site goes live?

It can take about 15–30 minutes from when you purchase your hosting plan for your website to be available online, depending on what web tools you have chosen and f you have selected a custom domain name for your account. If not, it will take a bit longer since this step is mandatory to get everything going smoothly with the setup process.

What kind of content does this hosting allow on their platform?’s all-inclusive cloud hosting allows unlimited websites hosted under one single account! There are no limits here either since they allow for unlimited email accounts, databases, and storage space regarding email services.

What sort of customer support is offered by

Aside from the standard 24/7 live chat option (which works rather well), they also offer an extensive knowledge base on their site with hundreds of articles on different web hosting-related topics.

What Is the Speed of Hosting?’s servers are lightning-fast and guaranteed to offer nothing but unparalleled speed when visiting your website. Their hosting infrastructure is among the best in the industry, with over 300,000 dedicated servers that virtually guarantee an unbreakable uptime of 99.99%. This means that whenever you visit your site, the pages will load instantly! And not only does this make for a more enjoyable user experience all around, but Google has been known to rank websites higher if they have faster loading times as well!

What is the Uptime Rate of Rocket? offers a very stable environment since their servers sport a fault-tolerant network infrastructure with dual power supplies and triple network uplinks.

What is the privacy policy of a website?

Customers and visitors to your website can expect that their data is being handled responsibly. Our Privacy Policy will tell them how we collect, handle or process this information according the law in force at each point during usage on our site — whether it’s sharing content with other sites (in case there are embeds), collecting user-related details like names/addresses etc., tracking browsing habits via cookies which eventually lead back towards an personally identifiable level when needed; advertising tailored products based off past preferences revealed through various clicks & dwell time metrics collected over time so far as well…

Will you recommend Managed WordPress hosting?

Yes.’s managed WordPress hosting plan by is hands-down the best option for anyone looking to take their blog or business site to the next level!

LAUNCH SPECIAL — $1 first month!



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