Samsung Releases New Bluetooth Keyboard Smart Trio 500

Samsung has unveiled its new model of a unique and convenient portable Bluetooth keyboard called the Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500.

Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500

It is really interesting and useful for the broadest number of users and it’s all about the unique form factor and technical design of the new device.

Considering that few manufacturers on the market of this type of device, in general, can boast extensive Bluetooth functionality and thoughtful design, it is clear that Samsung has every chance to offer the best compact keyboard during the current year of 2021.

It’s worth noting that the very technical design of the new Smart Keyboard Trio 500 is really handy and extremely compact — so compact that you wouldn’t even believe that you could fit so many really interesting things into it at first glance.

The keyboard can connect to all devices simultaneously via Bluetooth connection and work with all three devices simultaneously, which is important when you need to work in parallel and the switch itself is made through a special key on the keyboard itself.

The device assumes a full-fledged ability to quickly dial applications and macros. The user can set in advance to certain combinations of keys, which also becomes a really attractive point for those interested in working with different applications at once.

So Samsung has really managed to create something really relevant.

The other integrated technologies and features of this keyboard make it hard to doubt that Samsung has decided to create something really great and suitable for a wide range of users — not to mention full support for the proprietary DeX technology.

All that remains at this point in time is to watch the deployment of the first user reviews and reviews of this device and some additional accessories in this line.

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