The Dangerous Virus Spreads via Telegram

Israel fighters against hackers from Check Point Software Tech warn of a new virus that attacks user devices via Telegram. The threat is relevant even for devices that do not have the mentioned messenger, informs Ferra.

The name of the malicious program is a remote access Trojan ToxicEye. The number of attacks detected in the last trimester is 130+.

The hacked devices are controlled via Telegram.

Israel warn of a new virus that attacks smartphones via Telegram

Owners of smartphones free from the presence of the messenger are also at risk. To steal subscribers’ personal data and take control of the device, the “evil geniuses of the computer mind” use the following actions:

  • Create a Telegram account.
  • They attach a unique bot to the account, the token of which reconnects with a malicious link.
  • They send the infected link to victims.

If the recipient clicks on the link offered by the hackers, the hackers gain full access to the device. Attackers can steal any data on the smartphone, manage files, steal money, install ransomware, impose paid subscriptions, and more.

All of these manipulations, according to the Israeli company’s specialists, are carried out through Telegram.

Check Point Software Technologies is an anti-virus software vendor headquartered in Tel Aviv and founded in July 1993 by businessman Gil Shved. It has offices in the U.S., Sweden, Belarus, and Canada. At the end of December last year, it had 5,200 employees.

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