Twitter Is Becoming Something More Than It Used To Be

As part of an event called Digital Content NewFronts, the social network Twitter officially announced a fairly long list of deals with companies to provide live video content, music, images and more, which immediately drew a lot of attention.

One of Twitter’s most notable partnerships, however, is a deal that will eventually lead to a Billboard chart of sorts based on various social media platforms.

Billboard Hot Trending on the Twitter platform will show users popular songs and music, as well as include videos and a wide variety of editorial content. That is, in part, we can consider that Twitter will get a kind of analog of recommendations.

Anyway, since users can create a stir around, for example, absolutely any song, the chart list can contain both new tracks and classics released several decades ago.

The chart table will be updated every 24 hours specifically to keep up with the topics that are currently most relevant on Twitter.

It is also important to note that according to the official statement of the social network, the most various companies can connect to this program with the help of “innovative formats of advertising, which will be put in Twitter and on Billboard.

That is, the innovation in the face of the chart will have to become extremely profitable for all kinds of advertisers. And yes, it is not yet known exactly what this “innovative advertising format” will look like.

It will be interesting to see.

Not to be outdone, Twitter has also announced that it has teamed up with the Genius platform to expand the audience for its Verified initiative, in which musicians from around the world talk about the meaning of their songs and the history behind them.

Meanwhile, the platform’s partnership with another company, Refinery29, will allow Twitter to showcase content more and better for both black and Latina women. In the meantime, a company like Tastemade is also going to launch two new food franchises on Twitter, one of which will have to invite culinary professionals to the platform.

All sports fans will not be deprived of innovations either.

We also learned that Twitter has expanded its existing relationship with MLB to include a new two-year contract to produce branded content about important events, such as the T-Mobile Home Run Derby and MLB in Field of Dreams.

All in all, it’s clear from all of this that Twitter is now trying to become exactly the kind of platform that can, to some degree, replace all of us other social networks and beyond. And in part, this is a good thing. Jennifer Prince, Twitter’s global vice president and head of partnerships, said the following about Twitter: “Twitter is home to the brightest and most diverse communities and a place where all sorts of fandoms thrive. The premium content we collaborate on with our partners ignites passion and allows marketers to tap into the excitement of these communities and become part of what’s happening.”

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