What Is a Raspberry Pi And What Can You Do With It


What you can do with a Raspberry Pi

What do I need to know before using a Raspberry Pi?

  • Raspberry Pi uses an operating system called Raspbian, which is based on Linux. Before starting your project, you’ll need to know how to use the command line.
  • Make sure you familiarize yourself with different programming languages like Python and Javascript before beginning any project.
  • When it comes to coding, some projects will require more than one language (like web development), so make sure you’re familiar with all of them.
  • The Raspberry Pi has a lot of different ports, especially if you get the older model. If you plan on using multiple attachments or devices, make sure to check if they are compatible with one another before starting your project!

Why the Raspberry Pi was created, and how it has been used in education

How to get started using your own Raspberry Pi

How do I set up Raspbian?

  • To set up Raspbian you’ll need access to a Windows or Mac computer. Plug your SD card into this device and open up Etcher, a commonly used program for burning images onto disks.
  • Once you have Etcher open, click the “Select Image” button and select the Raspbian image you downloaded earlier. Make sure your SD card is selected as your target device.
  • Click the Flash! button and wait for it to complete.

Creative ways people have found to use their Raspberry Pi

  • One example is using it as an emulator so you can play old video games like Mario or Zelda (Tech Advisor).
  • Another great way to get started with your Pi is by setting up RetroPie so you can play all of your favorite retro Nintendo 64, Sega, and Playstation One games. It’s a bit more complicated than using an emulator on your computer, but it gives you the full gaming experience.

The best resources for learning more about your new device

What Can You Do With a Raspberry Pi?




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