Windows 10 Finally Has Full Support For AirPods

Until recently, Windows 10 only supported two codecs for playing music wirelessly — the not very good quality SBC and not particularly common aptX.

Apple offers the fairly common AAC codec, but it wasn’t available on Windows 10 until recently. It has become known that in the last test build of Windows 10, support for AAC has appeared, which will fully support the Apple AirPods headphones.

You should also pay attention to the fact that if before the device that supported several codecs (for example, a Bluetooth headset), was displayed as several different devices, now in Windows 10 it will be displayed as a single device.

Thanks to this, it will be much easier to navigate the devices.

Thanks to all these innovations, it will be much easier and more convenient to use devices with AAC.

In the user version of the OS, though, it is not there yet. Most likely, this innovation for users will appear this spring, along with a big update.




Software developer with 30 years of experience

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James J. Davis

James J. Davis

Software developer with 30 years of experience

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